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Award Winning South Korean Plant Based Meat Alternative Unlimeat Now Available in the Bay Area through Ploma

Award Winning South Korean Plant Based Meat Alternative Unlimeat Now Available in the Bay Area through Ploma

Award Winning South Korean Plant Based Meat Alternative Unlimeat Now Available in the Bay Area through Ploma

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- South Korean based food manufacturing company Zikooin announced today that they are expanding their latest innovation in food technology, a 100 percent plant-based meat alternative called Unlimeat, by offering the product for online delivery through the upscale grocery delivery service, Ploma, based in the Northern California Bay area.

“I want Americans to have a new experience with Asian plant-based meat and I am excited to be partnering with Ploma to offer this amazingly tasty and nutritious meat alternative to the American consumer, so that they can experience the taste and texture of real meat without compromising their vegan or vegetarian lifestyle” said Min Keum Chae, CEO of Zikooin Company.

Unlimeat offers meat like taste and texture while being an environmentally friendly product to conscientious consumers. By using plants and other ingredients that are often discarded, the company’s R&D team spent years developing and cultivating a perfect alternative-meat product using sustainable Korean ingredients that includes grains, oats and nuts, and by using the company’s patented innovative technology called protein compression. It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is ready for the US market.

Ploma is an online grocery delivery in the Bay Area, specializing in upscale, high end international products. Ploma is operated by Bizz Trading Inc., who’s employees have decades of experience working in the US retail industry. They are now offering Unlimeat Plant Based Meat BBQ, Unlimeat Plant Based Meat (both priced per KG) and Unlimeat Dumplings (Galbi flavor).

For more information on how to order Unlimeat products through Ploma, please visit https://ploma.io/search?q=unlimeat

Zikooin Company is planning to develop gluten-free and nut-free plant-based meat in late May. Unlimeat 2.0 products utilize rice protein and pea protein, and various grains are added. The product is expected to ship to the United States in the third quarter.

The Zikooin Company is currently in negotiations with various American groceries and retail stores, soon to be available in many areas very shortly, and will continue to expand throughout the US. Zikooin has also been awarded the Bronze Quality Award for Unlimeat Plant Based Sliced Meat at the 59th World Selection of Food Products of 2020 hosted by Monde Selection, an organization that evaluates the quality of consumer products from all over the world. Please visit https://www.monde-selection.com/ to learn more about this prestigious recognition.

About Zikooin Company:
Zikooin Company, Inc. is a company headquartered in Seoul, the South Korea, that retails fruits and agricultural products through online. The firm was founded in 2017. For additional information, please visit http://www.zikooin-market.com



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