[SAMS American Eatery] BBQ Rib and Sausages for 2 servings


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[SAMS American Eatery] BBQ Rib and Sausages

Including Smoked in house full tack BBQ ribs and BBQ sausages, SAMS famous potato salad, coleslaw, baked in house buttermilk biscuits, SAMS BBQ sauce & spicy & spicy BBQ sauce.


✔ SAMS American Eatery

Over the past 15 years Jeannie’s leadership has transformed SAMS American eatery from a small breakfast restaurant to an award winning 4-4.5 Star establishment and a “go to” choice for government officials and leaderships, theatre goers, essential workers, and tourists looking for a quick lunch or just a place to respite and what some Bay Area food critics have called the best place for theatre goers to eat before curtains at the Orpheum Theatre and other show venues. SAMS continues to serve classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner with international flair that reflects the diverse culture of Bay Area.