[Ham Ji Park] Pork Back-bone Stew


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Spicy Pork Stew

[Ham Ji Park] Pork Back-bone Stew

Have you tried the Korean Gamjatang (spicy pork stew)? This soup is an essential for the cold, windy weather as its hearty pork chunks and potatoes are set off perfectly with the spicy and fragrant broth. The broth has an especially deep flavor thanks to the fact that it is stewed for several hours with all the meat still on the bones. Tearing the tender meat from the bones is one of the most satisfying parts of eating Gamjatang, This product is made with a unique recipe at Hamjibak, a famous Korean restaurant in LA.


✔ Cooking suggestion

- Boil for several minutes
- Add fresh sesame leaves and sesame powder to taste.
- Serve along wth steamed rice.