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Refund policy

Purchase and Delivery Terms

  1. Local Delivery (Northern California only)
    • General Terms of Delivery
      1. You are not physically required to be present during delivery. You will receive a notification via text message prior to delivery and at the time of delivery and we will leave the package at your door, or at other locations such as mailroom or leasing office if instructed to do so by you. In the case that we are unable to deliver to your address, e.g. due to incorrect address or a locked gate, we will try to contact you via the cell phone number provided by you. If we are unable to contact you and resolve the delivery issue within five minutes the package will be taken back to our warehouse. Please note that any perishable items that would be spoiled in a failed delivery attempt due to insufficient information provided, including but not limited to mobile number or gate codes, are non-refundable. Further, a handling fee of 20.0% will be subtracted from the refund if the order is canceled after a failed delivery. In the case of a redelivery being requested, our standard delivery fee of $9 applies. Please note that failed deliveries due to incorrect address being written down by you as a shipping address are non-refundable.
    • Available Delivery Dates and Times
      1. Available delivery dates for cities in Northern California can be seen on the map below. In some cases your computer settings or a Ploma system error might allow you to pick a delivery date for which we do not have a route to your location. In such cases, we will work with you to find another suitable date. If other dates are not suitable, we then reserve the right to cancel your order. Please note that it is not possible to select specific delivery timeslot within available delivery dates, as our deliveries are optimized everyday based upon the location and numbers in any given date.
    • Delivery Arrivals and Delays 
      1. In the case we are unable to deliver to you on the day you select, we will contact you and reschedule your delivery at our cost. You will receive a text message between 11 am and 12 am on the date of delivery with the estimated time of delivery. Please note that the estimated time of delivery is based on normal conditions and delays may occur for a number of reasons, e.g. due to unusual traffic or weather. You will receive a text message with an updated estimated time of delivery 30 minutes prior to the delivery and a final text message confirm the drop-off of your package post-delivery. We will contact you via text or email in the case of extreme delays.
    • Package Theft
      1. You are responsible for the safety of the package after it shas been delivered to your selected delivery address.
    • Delivery Fees
      1. We offer free delivery on orders over $135 in areas in Northern California that are eligible for local delivery. For orders of value under $135 a standard delivery fee of $9 applies.
  • National Delivery
    • In partnership with UPS we now offer national delivery on non-perishable foods and non-food products. Delivery times and fees vary by shipping address and the weight of the selected products. Estimated delivery time and the calculated delivery costs are shown on the check-out page.


  • Returns & Refunds. 
    • We strive to provide the best quality services and products to all our customers. If for any reason the product or services did not live up to your expectations, then please contact support@ploma.io with a photo of your product and a description on why you were not satisfied. Please note that refund policies differ between products, as described below. Please note that refunds from merchants can take up to 7 days to be processed and that all refunds are adjusted for coupons and discounts.
    • Restaurant Orders and Perishable Foods – Refund Terms
      1. Restaurant orders and perishable foods that spoil if not kept refrigerated or frozen may be eligible for a refund if a request is made within 24 hours from delivery. Restaurant orders and perishable foods do not have to be returned in order to be refunded. Please note that minimal degree of thawing is not a basis for a refund. Furthermore, we do not take responsibility of any excessive thawing or melting due to the products not being refrigerated upon receipt.
    • Non-Perishable Foods and Non-Food Items – Refund Terms
      1. Non-food items and non-perishable foods may be eligible for refund if a request is made within 7 days of delivery and the products are returned.
  • Orders and Payments
    • Order Changes and Cancellations
      • You may change or cancel your order prior to before noon in the day prior to your delivery date (the cut-off time). If you'd like to edit or cancel your order, then please e-mail support@ploma.io with your order number and instructions. If you cancel your order after the cut-off time, restaurant orders and perishable foods will not be refunded.
    • Payments and Coupons:
      • You can enter your coupon code in the discount code section at the checkout page. Please note that it is not possible to request to use a coupon after an order has been made, as all payments are processed through the Shopify platform. If you forgot to use a coupon prior to payment, then you can either cancel your order and make a new one, or simply save the coupon for your next order.

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