[Angus Meat Market] American Wagyu Chadol approx 1.2lb

1.2 lb
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[Angus Meat Market] American Wagyu Chadol

Chadolbaki is a very thinly sliced beef brisket that is rich and juicy in flavor due to its marbled cut. As each slice is just about 1~2mm thick it is exceptionally easy to cook in a short time whether in the pan or in a soup. This is a favorite in Korean homes, restaurants and campsites due to its delicious rich flavor and ease of cooking.


✔ The Best Way to Cook

Grilled/Fried chadol baki is traditionally eaten with chopsticks and dipped in side sauce of sesame oil, salt and pepper or bean paste (Ssamjang) and eaten together with a tangy and spicy side salade or pickled cabbage (Kimchi). It is also tasty to add chadol baki to soups to add a richer flavor. Traditionally this is added to Korean bean paste (Doenjang) stew along with other vegetables.