[Angus Meat Market] Bulgogi and Octopus Stew for 3-4servings

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The synergy of octopus and bulgogi

[Angus Meat Market] Bulgogi and Octopus Stew

The delicious combination of flavorsome Korean bulgogi (sweet marinated beef) with the chewy texture of sliced octopus is second to none. Not only is this dish delicious, it is also packed with nutritious protein and the rejuvinating energy of the octopus!


✔ Cooking suggestion

1. After emptying contents of pack into pot, combine with water and stew with a medium high heat.
2. Adding some sliced spring onions and additional garlic and onions to taste will add some additional depth of flavor and texture.
3. After stewing to satisfaction, remove the solid parts from the broth and present on a pre-warmed serving dish.
4. The remaining broth is excellent to use as a base for kalguksu (noodles) or rice porridge!