[Busan] Fish Cake(Kamaboko) with Camembert Cheese 3.53lb(1.6kg)

3.53 lb

Tasty Fish Cake Made with Good Ingredients

[Busan] Fish Cake(Kamaboko) with Camembert Cheese

This is a sesame leaf hand roll launched by Busan Fish Cake, a brand that you can trust and eat for the right food. Spicy vermicelli, octopus, seaweed, rice cake, mozzarella cheese, camembert cheese, flying fish roe, paprika, sesame leaves in 9 flavors. It's long and plump, so if you put it on a skewer, you can eat it comfortably and deliciously, as if you were eating at a fish cake restaurant. They are made by hand, and they have different shapes, but they use good quality fish meat and potato starch, so they taste really good.


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