[Daegu] Sweet Rice Cake 240g

0.53 lb

Daegu Honey Rice Cake!

[Daegu] Sweet Rice Cake

Rice cakes (Ddeok) are a beloved dish in Korea, but this one takes it to the next level! The Honey Ddeok rice cake is unique to the Daegu area in the south part of South Korea. The rice cake is prepared along with the mugwort herb (Ssook) that provides a unique herby and slightly bitter aroma. Different to the traditional honey rice cake, the Daegu rice cakes do not 'pop' with honey when bitten but contain melted brown sugar for a chewy wholesome taste.
*This product is manufactured in the same facility as walnut and soybean products.


✔Serving suggestion

1. Prepare several rice cakes on an elegant plate.
2. Accompany with green tea and prepare for a quiz on the exquisite depths of flavor..