Dalgona (Korean Traditional Candy) Maker Set with Baking Soda

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Make Sweet Memories

Dalgona Maker Set with Baking Soda

What is dalgona? For adults, it reminds them of the good old days of burning ladles; for kids, it gives them new memories of being together with their parents. The Dalgona Set has everything you need to make dalgona. Mix some sugar and a little bit of baking soda in a ladle, pour onto a base plate, then flatten the cooled mixture. Press with a shape cutter, and once you scrape it off the base with a spatula, you have successfully made the nostalgic Korean street food, dalgona! The set includes a brass ladle that won’t create toxic substances when heated, so you can make healthy snacks for kids without worrying. It’s a great way to provide children with the fun experience of making dalgona, especially when it’s hard to go out in today’s world. You can also bring this with you for outdoor activities, such as camping.