Flatfish Sashimi Meal Kit 300g

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Are You Gonna Eat Hoe? Then Get Your Chopsticks Ready!

Flatfish Sashimi Meal Kit

Flounder hoe, or sashimi, is renowned for its excellent fresh and clean taste. This hoe is produced at a reputable seafood processing company in Korea, which went through a long period of research and development to find the perfect balance between freshness and taste. So even though this is a frozen product, you will be able to experience the lively and chewy taste of flounder hoe. Lightly dip it in vinegar spicy paste or soy sauce, and you’ll feel as though you’re eating fresh raw fish sliced at a seaside fish market. This product comes in a meal kit form, consisting of everything from dipping sauce, including vinegar spicy paste, soy sauce, and wasabi, to bowls and plates, making it even more convenient to enjoy. You won’t be able to find this anywhere else other than Ploma in Northern California!