[Galleria] Chives 2bunches


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[Galleria] Chives 2bunches

Chives, also called ‘jungguji’ in Gyeongsang Province dialect, is a vegetable abundant in vitamin A and vitamin C. Chives take an active part in Korean recipes in various ways, as a main or supporting role. Chives are a definite main ingredient in Korean pancake recipes on a rainy day, or the easy-to-make buchu kimchi, or chive kimchi. On the other hand, they can be used to make complementary dishes like buchu muchim, or chive salad, to be paired with suyuk, or Korean pork belly slices, or be added into gukbap to make the soup more refreshing. We will carefully select tender and fresh chives at Ploma and have them delivered to you!

✔ Galleira Farm

The San Jose Galleria Market is a directly-managed farm in the Gilroy area. This cultivates healthy pesticide-free Korean vegetables with just the sun, wind and pure water. With a bright smile, the farmer and his wife greet visitors. These hardworking folk are raising their vegetables with the same spirit that we raise our kids.


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