[Galleria] Large Green Onion 2Bunches


A Necessary Ingredient for Making Korean Food

[Galleria] Large Green Onion 2Bunches

Large green onions are a crucial ingredient that’s indispensable in Korean food recipes. Large green onion leaves are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and the stems contain polysaccharides, so you don’t waste any parts when you’re making healthy meals. Even the roots can be utilized to make a savory broth, so large green onions are definitely an efficient ingredient that can be used from roots to stems. They’re described as a vegetable with a body warming effect in oriental medicine, so consume large green onions regularly if your body is on the cold side!

✔ Galleira Farm

The San Jose Galleria Market is a directly-managed farm in the Gilroy area. This cultivates healthy pesticide-free Korean vegetables with just the sun, wind and pure water. With a bright smile, the farmer and his wife greet visitors. These hardworking folk are raising their vegetables with the same spirit that we raise our kids.


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