[Good Chaan] Sliced Pork Belly 8mm 1.5lb

1.5 lb

Samgyeopsal, Korea's most-loved cut of pork

Sliced Pork Belly 8mm

This Samgyeopsal is produced from premium pork belly raised in Canada's pristine natural environment Pork is a favorite meat worldwide due to its rich range of essential nutrients such as essential amino acids, iron, methionine, and various vitamins. Samgeopsal with is lack of bones or skin make it easy for home cooking with the family.


✔ Notice

Samgyeopsal refers to a wide, flat cut of pork, from the ribs to the abdomen. Samgyeobsal is naturally a fatty cuty of meat as it includes the pork belly - those unfamiliar with this cut of meat may be surprised at first to see about two-thirds of the meat comprised of fat, but this is one of its main merits to pork lovers!


✔ Cooking suggestions

ⓐ Grilled pork barbecue : Just slap on the barbecue and enjoy with your favorite side dishes and sauces.

ⓑ Boiled pork-based soups : Well-suited to hearty winter soups and stews, goes especially well with Korean pickled cabbage (kimchi) stew.

ⓒ Stir-Fry : After cutting into managable pieces, stir-fry with your favorite selection of vegetables.