[Gyung Seoung] 6 Grain & 11 Vegetable Flour 800g


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[Gyung Seoung] 6 Grain & 11 Vegetable Flour

In this day and age all of us live busy lives from the early morning to the late evening, moving between the house, office and apppointments, so... how is it possiblle to maintain a healthy diet? This Sunsik meal supplement is an ideal solution as it is made from 6 grains and 11 vegetables. The best thing about Sunsik meal supplement is that its super easy to prepare - just add fresh water! To support your health active life we recommend that you keep a pack in your daiily bag and the office - you will never be at odds again in the face of a snack attack! 

✔ Cooking Suggestions

- Try alternating the mixing liquid with milk, soya milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

- In order to add some energy, try mixing it with some cinammon or instant mixed coffee.