Handmade Tteok Galbi (Grilled Short Rib Patties) approx 1.2lb


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Handmade Tteok Galbi (Grilled Short Rib Patties)

This homemade beef delicacy is a favorite side dish both for the family dinner table as well as for the lunch box. It's soft juicy texture and slightly sweet yet savory flavor captivates the taste buds of both adults and children.

✔ Cooking Suggestion

- Grill in the pan with a splash of your preferred cooking oil.

- Add sliced onions and garlic along with a dash of soy/teriyaki sauce

- Turn gently over a low-medium heat until the patty is nicely browned, then serve as a side dish to steamed rice and your preferred vegetables. - This rib patty also makes for a great variation on your classic hamburger !