[Ivenet] Rice Snack Barley Kohlrabi 30g

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My Kid’s First-Ever Snack

[Ivenet] Rice Snack Barley Kohlrabi

When choosing healthy snacks for your kids, you really have to be selective, right? Organic Ssaltteokbbeong is made with organic white rice without any flour, salt, sugar, or artificial flavoring so you can feed your children with peace of mind. It comes in three different variations that will help your kids grow healthier: soft and easily digestible White Rice, Collavi rich in calcium and vitamin C, and Barley Grass, which is full of beta carotene, dietary fiber, and vitamin K. They’re made in small sizes of 7cm diameter, considering children’s small hands. They’re not sticky at all, so it’s easier for your kids to enjoy this snack!