[Juwon] Smoked Duck Half avg 1.25lb


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[Juwon] Smoked Duck Half

Smoked duck is a favorite with Korean mothers due to its delicious taste, ease of cooking and high nutritional value. It's an excellent source of protein and healthy unsaturated fat containing Omega 3 and 6 oils in addition to micronutrients including selenium, iron, and niacin.


✔ Cooking suggestion

- Chop your favorite choice of starch (potatoes/sweet potatoes/pumpkin) into some small pieces and cook together with the duck in a frying pan.

- Add garlic and onion along with your choice of herbs and spices then add a splash of white wine/water to the dish and cover with a lid to assist with steaming.

- Enjoy with a sweet mustard or soybean paste (doenjang / ssamjang) sauce on the side and some Korean Kimchi.