[Mama Forest] Kitchen Dish Bar - Lemon 150g (5.29oz)

0.33 lb

Healthier Dishwashing Without Residue

[Mama Forest] Kitchen Dish Bar - Lemon

Did you know that detergent residue can be consumed along with food, no matter how much you clean your dishes? If you’re wondering how to eat healthier, you should also start choosing your dish detergent wisely. Natural Dish Bar doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals, including surfactants, and also has strong cleaning power thanks to its all-natural ingredients, so you can wash your dishes with peace of mind. You may be unfamiliar with using dish detergent in bar soap form, but once you start using it, you will be satisfied with its rich foam, squeaky cleanliness, and hardness that lasts. You can even use it to clean grocery items like fruits and vegetables.