[Mccabe] Organic Roasted Black Sesame 0.5lb(8oz)

0.5 lb

The Savory Black Food

[Mccabe] Organic Roasted Black Sesame 0.5lb

Black Sesame, also known as ‘Heukimja,’ has many beneficial nutrients like calcium, gamma-tocopherol, iron, minerals, lignan, and sesame, making it a highly recommended ingredient, especially for growing children and women with menopause. It is frequently used in the last step of various Korean food recipes as a garnish as well. Combine a mix of starch syrup, sugar, and water with black sesame and roasted nuts, and you can make healthy gangjeong snacks for everyone. You can also grind the black sesame to easily make a healthy dressing with lemon juice, vinegar, mayonnaise, honey, salt, and milk. Not only is black sesame good for your body, but it’s also full of flavor, so there’s no better choice of ingredient for healthy meal ideas.