[Mimi] Teokbokki with Extra Spicy Sauce 1.29lb

1.29 lb

[Mimi] Teokbokki with Extra Spicy Sauce

Spicy Rice Cake Soup (Gguk-mool Tteokbokki) is a favorite in university areas such as the famous Hongdae alleys. This package contains all you need for a satisfying, spicy meal that is sure to put a smile on your face. Soft chewy rice cake (Tteok), flat fish cake and spicy sauce mix are all included.


✔ Cooking Suggestion

1. Roughly chop green onion and leaks and prepare a handful of washed fresh sesame leaves.

2. Add all incredients to a pot or wok and boil on a high heat until sauce reduces to the desired consistency.

3. Additional ramen noodles or Ddeok may be added as desired.