[Moobongri] Korean Blood Sausage Soup


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Soothing Sundae Soup

[Moobongri] Korean Blood Sausage Soup

Cold weather calls for warm, hearty soups. Moobong-ri is a famous franchise that prepares a Sundae-guk (Sundae Soup) with a deep flavor, chewy sundae and soft, rich pork meat. Sundae-guk will warm you inside and out with its nutritious, protein and vitamin packed ingredients. Ploma offers two flavors: plain sundae soup and spicy spicy sundae soup, so choose according to your taste!


✔ Cooking suggestion

- Boil in a pot for several minutes to allow the flavors to combine. Additional spring onions or garlic may be added to taste.
- Serve along side with freshly steamed rice and Korean kimchi.
- It is common to enjoy sliced fresh onion and chilli peppers dipped into fresh bean paste (dwen-jang) to freshen the palate.
- Sesame seed powder and sliced spicy chilli peppers may be added at the table to suit individual tastes.