[Namwon] Loach in Soybean Paste Soup 500g 1ea

1.1 lb
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[Namwon] Loach in Soybean Paste Soup

Soybean loach soup (Chu is a favorite Korean baby eel (loach) soup with a savory, healthy and inherently satisfying taste.

In order to source the tastiest variety, Ploma executives and staff sampled recipes from around Korea before settling unanimously on the Namwon Soybean loach soup produced down in the couthern part of South Korea. This authentic product is made from local Namwon eel and spices.  

✔ Cooking suggestion

- [Direct heating] Simply pour the chueotang into a pot or pot, heat and enjoy.

- [Microwave] Pour into a bowl and heat 5 minutes.

※ If available, finely chopped leek and chilli peppers will enhance the taste.