Organic Oyster Mushroom 0.5lb

0.5 lb

Charming Because They’re Full of Aroma and Tenderness

Organic Oyster Mushroom 0.5lb

Neutari or oyster mushrooms are rich in fiber and moisture and have a tender texture like no other. They can be used in many different Korean foods like namul, gui, and jeon, as well as Korean soup recipes. In China, oyster mushrooms are considered one of ‘ohshim’ or ’five mushrooms,’ along with mok yee, pyogo, hyangsim, and yooksim mushrooms. They’re especially a good match with onions, so try stir-frying the oyster mushrooms seasoned in soy sauce, salt, and sesame oil with onions and put them on the dining table as a side dish to a healthy dinner!


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