[Pasquier] Mini Butter Croissants Frozen Dough 8ea

0.75 lb

Delicious Brioche Croissant at Home!

[Pasquier] Mini Butter Croissants Frozen Dough

Do you want to enjoy soft and moist bread at home, as if you bought it from a famous bakery? Then order the Mini Butter Brioche Croissant Dough from Ploma. Defrost it until soft, and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes, and you can enjoy freshly baked mini butter brioche croissants whenever you want. The layers of buttery aroma embedded in the brioche croissant will be irresistible.


✔ Ingredients

wheat flour, butter, water, sugar, starter (wheat flour, water, salt), rapeseed oil, yeast, wheat gluten, wheat proteins, psyllium fibers, mono and diglycerides of fatty acid, salt, vegetable juice (color), natural flavors (milk), milk proteins, ascorbic acid (dough conditioner).

Contains: milk, wheat. Produced in a facility that also handles eggs, soy, and tree nuts.

✔ Brioche Pasquier

Brioche Pasquier is a family-owned French bakery founded in 1936, creating delicious Brioche classics using family recipes. Brioche is a type of bread enriched with butter and egg, giving it a light, soft, rich texture. They also produce authentic Parisian macarons with crisp shells and chewy, flavor-bursting centers.

Their bakery is in the picturesque village of Les Cerqueux, in France’s Loire Valley region, the original birthplace of Brioche. They use local Loire Valley butter in their brioche, which is so rich that it gives the bread a wonderful nutty taste and golden color. They use a natural starter to leaven their products, maintaining the quality and fantastic flavor that has set them apart since 1936. With non-GMO ingredients, real butter, and no artificial colors or flavors, Brioche Pasquier uses their original family recipes to offer authentic, affordable, and delicious brioche products to the world.


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