[Pung Nyeon] Handmade Choco-pie 3.52oz*5

1.1 lb

The famous Jeonju Choco Pie

[Pung Nyeon] Handmade Choco-pie

Choco pies are most loved snacks in Korea, however, Jeonju Choco Pies are regarded as the best! This homemade choco pie from Poongnyeon Confectionery has a somechat crispy outer shell, and a deep, yet resoundingly satisfying chocolatey taste. Three flavors are available - the original and benchmark chocolate, the angel white chocolate and a heavenly dark chocolate pie boasting an elevated cacao content to boost your mood. In addition, all these products are prepared from 100% Korean wheat - tasty and easy on the stomach! This product contains wheat, milk, walnut, eggs, soybean.

✔Serving suggestion

1. Slice one choco pie in cake like slices and serve on an elegant plate.
2. Accompany with espresso and prepare for awe.