Rice Cake with Sweet Pumpkin 1kg


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The Transformation of Garaetteok!

Rice Cake with Sweet Pumpkin

The traditional Korean food, rice cake, got dressed in vibrant colors! Let us introduce our fusion rice cake with mozzarella cheese, sweet potato paste, and sweet pumpkin paste fillings. Instead of following the regular Korean rice cake recipe where the rice is ground and steamed, this rice cake is made with modern technology, resulting in a much softer texture. The combination of the aromatic mozzarella cheese, savory sweet potato, and sweet pumpkin, along with the sticky rice cake, together create a beautiful harmony. All you have to do is bake it, and it will be delicious. You can also add these rice cakes to any recipes such as the Korean soul food ramen, popular Korean street food tteokbokki, or Korean bulgogi, a dish enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.