Soybean Paste (Cheonggukjang) 250g

0.55 lb

The Taste and Scent You Felt at Grandma’s

Soybean Paste (Cheonggukjang)

If there’s Natto in traditional Japanese food, there is Cheonggukjang, or soybean paste, in traditional Korean food! The strong scent and the characteristic viscosity of cheonggukjang may make you reluctant to get your hands on it, but once you try it, you’ll fall in love with its unique earthy flavors. Because it’s fermented, it’s easy to digest. It is also abundant in various nutritions like protein, fat, carb, genistein, magnesium, minerals, and vitamins. In times like today, when your immunity is more important than ever, this is a healthy food that you should make sure to eat. Dissolve the soybean paste in anchovy broth or rice water, add ingredients like beef, tofu, and potato, and boil together. Korean soybean paste stew is that easy to make.


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