Steamed Abalone 3pack (6ct)


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The delicacy of the ocean

Steamed Abalone 3pack

This abalone has been carefullly washed and removed from shell to reduce your preparation time and maximize your convenience! This abalone has a light, chewy taste that makes it perfect for a variety of dishes including starters, mains and side dishes. Abalone is renowned for its high nutritional value, vitamins and minerals including zinc, vitamins A and B, calcium and beta carotene.


✔ Cooking Suggestion

- Gently defrost in cold water, then cut into desired size

- Abalone can be enjoyed as sashimi with a selection of sesame oil and salt or chojang (vinegar chilli paste) on the side

- It is also a great addition to salads, and in side dishes with vegetables and favorite seasoning

- For a healthy rejuvinating dish, try including it in a rice porridge