[Sugarlolo] Apple Konjac Jelly 150ml (5.07oz)*10pk

3.17 lb

[Sugarlolo] Apple Konjac Jelly

Konjac Jelly is a fruit flavored diet jelly to support healthy weight loss. The main ingredients of this jelly are water and dietary fiber.

The Glucomannan ingredient absorbs water upon entering the body, providing a feeling of fullness that suppresses feelings of hunger. With each jelly containing just 3~5 calories it is an ideal diet snack that not only tastes delicious, but also provides great results!

In addition, this product is developed and manufactured under strict Korean quality standards, so customers can rest assured of its safety and health benefits.

Note. Due to the water absorbing effects of this product, a maximum of 2 of these packs should be consumed per day.