Wando Dried Laver 330g


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The Best of Korean Laver with Great Texture and Flavor

Wando Dried Laver

The Wando tripe stone laver, or Korean seaweed, is grown under the uncontaminated Namhae sea and gets its name from its similar appearance to the tripe’s winding shape! Because it’s thicker than regular Korean laver, it has a chewy and bumpy texture and is more nutritious and sweeter. Laver is well known for having low calories with a high nutrition content, making it a classic healthy food that comes from the sea. You can enjoy them on their own by roasting them on a heated frying pan, but they’re also great to eat as warm soup, which is a traditional food in the Honam region of Korea. You can also spread glutinous rice paste evenly on the laver to make healthy chips for snacking. Also try using them as garnish on dishes like Korean noodles and soups such as rice cake soup and dumpling soup.