[Yedawon] Mixed Vegetable T-bag for Samkyetang 120g


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Traditional health food to boost health and energy

[Yedawon] Mixed Vegetable T-bag for Samkyetang

Chicken soup is considered to health food worldwide, however have you ever tried the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, known as Samgyetang?

Samgyetang is revered in Korean society as an outstanding health food that fills the body with energy. It is prepared with several Korean herbs (Astragalus, Ogapi, upper limb, Japanese dulcis, and angelica) and the Korean ginseng root.

For your convenience, all of these herbs are secured in a double-layered tea bag, so after boiling together with the chicken, these can be removed for fuss-free serving and eating.

✔ Cooking Suggestion

1. Chop green onions and fresh garlic.

2. Mix onions and garlic in a mixing bowl with some salt, pepper and glutinous rice, then insert into whole chicken's body cavity. Traditionally Samgyetang is prepared with a young (small) chicken. If desired, additional Ginseng root may be added.

3. Place chicken(s) in a pot or pressure cooker, then cover with water and add Samgyetang herb tea bag.

4. Boil with the lid on until chicken is cooked, then remove lid and reduce heat to simmer untl broth has suitably reduced.

5. Remove Samgyetang herb tea bag, then serve the chicken ini large soup bowls submerged in chicken broth.

6. Serve with salt and pepper on the side, Korean kimchi and enjoy.