[Yissine] Rice Cake Sliced for Soup 1.76lb


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[Yissine] Rice Cake Sliced for Soup

Rice Cake Soup (Tteok-guk) is a traditional family meal eaten on New Year's Day, but is also simple and nutritious comfort food or snack any time of day. The rice cake (Tteok) is pre-sliced in perfect bite size pieces. This rice cake is traditionally boiled or steamed and eaten with your preferred sauce. It can also be cooked in the air fryer or fried with oil.

✔ Cooking Suggestion

1. Traditional Tteok Guk : Prepare a beef broth with pieces of shredded beef and add diced leeks, some whisked egg and a handful or two of Tteok pieces. This soup goes very well with dumplings.

2. Alternatives : Prepare your favorite soup be it creamy muchroom and chicken or spicy tomato and beef, and add the Tteok pieces for a rich, chewy addition.